DIY Tips for Consuming Cannabis Responsibly

In an evolving cannabis market, East Coast Cannabis strives to be Lebanon, ME’s premier cannabis dispensary. Our commitment to providing customers with high-quality, locally sourced cannabis is unmatched. Here, we provide some DIY tips for consuming cannabis responsibly.

Understand Your Tolerance Levels

Before consuming cannabis, it’s essential to understand your unique tolerance level. Depending on whether you’re a newbie or a veteran user, the level of cannabis you can comfortably consume will vary significantly. A helpful tip is to start slow and gradually increase the amount over time for those new to the cannabis scene.

While this might sound pretty straightforward, many people make the mistake of ignoring it, leading to an overwhelming experience. Remember, the goal is to enjoy the experience, not overindulge to the point of uncomfortable side effects.

Choose the Right Strain

Not all cannabis is created equal. Numerous different strains each come with their unique effects. Knowing the difference between these strains can help you make informed decisions, which can lead to a more pleasant experience.

Visit our dispensary to consult with our knowledgeable staff who are ready and willing to guide you towards the right strain for your needs. Selecting the strain that aligns with your preferences is a crucial step in ensuring a positive cannabis experience.

Know Your Consumption Methods

Different consumption methods can deliver differing effects – factoring into the intensity and duration of the effects. Before you use cannabis, familiarise yourself with the various consumption methods available, including smoking, vaping, edibles, and topicals.

Each method carries its set of advantages and potential disadvantages. For example, while smoking cannabis might give you a quicker high, it might not be the best option for those concerned about lung health. Explore our wide range of products on our website to find the most suitable consumption method for you.

Store Your Cannabis Properly

Properly storing your cannabis can help maintain its potency and flavor for an extended period. We recommend keeping your purchased cannabis in a cool, dark place, out of direct sunlight. Avoid storing your cannabis in plastic bags as they can lead to trichome damage and a decrease in potency.

At East Coast Cannabis in Lebanon, ME, we’re committed to more than just selling you the best cannabis products. We want to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to consume cannabis responsibly and enjoyably.

Enjoy your cannabis journey with these DIY tips – you’ll be a connoisseur in no time.