A Journey to the Green Genie Cannabis: A Day in the Life of an Employee

Keystone feedback from hundreds of cannabis lovers has always been how cool it would be to work in a pot shop. Each day at Green Genie Cannabis brings unique rewards and challenges, making it an adventurous job. Let me walk you through an average day in the life of a Green Genie Cannabis employee.

Morning – Reporting to the Marijuana Dispensary

In the morning, I head to one of our dispensaries. Facing the question of ‘is there a marijuana dispensary near me?’ Well, I’m fortunate enough to have one nearby. My mornings predominantly consist of inventory management. With a significant difference between the types of cannabis products available, managing what goes where is a crucial task.

Once the door opens for customers, being a ‘cannabis near me’ retailer, the customers start flooding in. No week day is a slow day in the Green Genie Cannabis world!

Afternoon – Catering Recreational Cannabis Users

As the day progresses, the store gets busier. With lunchtime, many recreational cannabis users drop by to replenish their supply. And as a firm believer in why medical marijuana is essential, we see patients who rely on us for their pain relief and other medical issues.

Evening – Serving Cannabis Across Michigan

The evening sees a rush from our customers across various locations in Michigan including Dearborn, Taylor, Livonia, Dearborn Heights, Southfield, and Novi. This wide network ensures there is always a Green Genie Cannabis: ‘cannabis near me’, no matter where in Michigan cannabis users reside.

The array of customers we serve daily doesn’t just make us a store, but a community well knitted together with good vibes. So, whether it’s medical or recreational cannabis, your ‘Green Genie Cannabis’ is always near you!