A Day in the Life: The New Standard Muskegon Experience

Every time I walk into the lively and energetic corridors of New Standard Muskegon, I’m reminded of how unique my job is. New Standard isn’t just a company – it’s a value-driven entity that sets the standard for top-grade recreational and medicinal cannabis products.

Starting the Day with Quality Checks

My day begins with the scrupulous task of ensuring that every product we offer is of the highest standards. Our primary aim at New Standard is to provide what our customers trust us for – exceptional quality. As a part of the quality control team, it’s my job to ensure that every item we offer from edibles to pre-rolls and flowers are compliant with both the state regulations and our internal standards of quality.

Data-Driven Selection Process

The beauty of being in a data-driven world is our ability to select products specifically tailored to our customer’s needs. As an employee, I have the opportunity to contribute to a selection process that is both complex, yet rewarding, using aggregate data from customer interactions and scientific analyses of our weed strains.

Customer Education at the Center of our Mission

The latter half of my day usually involves interacting with customers. Knowing the importance of informed choices, New Standard places education at the core of its operations. I spend time explaining the differences in strains, the proper dosages, potential effects, and so forth to ensure our customers make choices that best suit their individual needs. We see ourselves not just as a dispensary, but also a proactive educator in this emerging industry.

In conclusion, working at New Standard Muskegon isn’t just about selling cannabis. It’s about driving forward a movement centered on quality, trust, and informed decisions. It is about offering a new standard in recreational and medical cannabis use – that’s what makes every day truly exciting.