A Day in the Life at New Standard: Inside Our Cannabis Provisioning Centers

The sun rises and a new day begins at New Standard, a beacon in the evolving landscape of cannabis cultivation and distribution. Step into our world and get a glimpse of an average day in our Cannabis Provisioning Centers.

Morning: Preparation and Planning

Mornings at New Standard start with a quick team huddle. It is during this time that we discuss the goals for the day, brainstorm innovative ideas, and work out any challenges from the previous day. This philosophy of team collaboration underscores the cohesive nature of our operations which in turn fuels our success.

As the retail team prepares the day’s inventory, others are already busy attending to the needs of our plants. Illuminated under the bright grow lights, our horticulturists meticulously monitor the health and growth of our cannabis products, ensuring each plant meets our high standard of quality.

Afternoon: From Seedling to Sale

Afternoons see a flurry of activity as our provisioning centers come alive. Deliveries come in and out and team members meticulously track and log every product. Our attention to detail guarantees the integrity and legality of our operations, offering peace of mind to both our team and customers.

During this time, our knowledgeable budtenders engage one-on-one with customers, assisting with product selection and imparting information. Be it a seasoned user or someone exploring cannabis for the first time, each customer is provided personalized guidance, an attribute that makes New Standard a trusted destination for many.

Evening: Reflection and Relaxation

As the evening rolls in, we wind down from a busy day’s work, spent ensuring smooth operations and excellent customer service. With each successful day, we look back on how far we’ve come in not just reshaping the perception of cannabis but also setting a new standard for the industry.

We’re proud of our work at New Standard, deriving satisfaction from the knowledge that our efforts contribute to a burgeoning industry. As we close for the night, we anticipate tomorrow, eager to continue our journey in blazing the trail for cannabis standards. This is more than just a job. It’s a journey, full of learning, growth, and passion – and we’d love for you to join us.